I’m just like everyone else who has a story to tell, nothing more and nothing less.

I’m here to write for myself. I’m here to write about things that move me, that send chills up my spine, that make me weep, and make me leap for overwhelming joy. When I write, I grow. I overcome burdens, obstacles, and self imposed limitations. I remove the weight of the pressing issues I so childishly run away from in my mind. I write to uncover the significance in everything, especially the seemingly insignificant. If what I have to say speaks to you, great; if what I have to say challenges you, even better.

When I stand at the end of my days, I want not to look back on a life clouded with superficial, worldly experiences; I want to find a life saturated with experiences that only the human soul is capable of enduring, full of joy, laughter, grief, and anger. This is a life full of temporary souvenirs called emotions, all of which remind us that our time here was real, it happened, we endured, and despite what we might have believed prior to encountering our obstacles, we overcame.  Again, my writing is ultimately for me, and should only ONE person find peace and reassurance in what I say, then I have far exceeded my intentions and will delight in the tiny little role that I played in helping God fulfill his plan for another soul.

We are his hands and feet, and in my case, I am the pencil in his hand. I can do nothing good without him, but I can do all things with him- He who strengthens me, who dwells within me, who wishes to bring me peace, and good fortune. I am, as we all are, despairingly unworthy of his grace, and this fact alone, paints even more beautifully a picture of how truly amazing our God is. I am loved by him so that his love for me, despite the mistakes I have made, more dramatically portray the greatness of his Love.

Again, no good I do is me; I am of flesh, and I am incapable of doing good alone- any good I do in this world is Christ working through me. Therefore, I take no credit for my work and give it all to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and I do this all, as with everything I do, for God’s love.


In Christ,

Meagan Kimbro

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