Something I’ve learned since starting over in life…

Today is just one of those days where I am so infinitely proud of the person I am becoming. It hurts my heart to imagine that someone might not get to experience such joy. I have never been one to admit that I’ve been through a great deal in life, but as I grow, I am beginning to recognize that acknowledging it, and accepting it is what further develops your character. Previously, I was so private about the trials I have faced, mostly because, I never wanted to be met with pity; deep down I never felt as though they hindered me, but my vanity was so concerned that it was going to alter another’s perception of me.

This still may be true. Only, I don’t care anymore.

I realize I don’t have to be perfect anymore.

I realize that, I shouldn’t want to be perfect either.

Because at the end of the day, I realize that these wounds are not weaknesses, in fact, the hurt I endured in my past is not even a wound anymore, but instead a scar. These scars are strengths- these scars have provided me with the opportunity to connect with more individuals throughout the world, with authenticity.

With sincere empathy.

Again, I am just so proud of myself, I am so happy, I am so full of hope. I have no idea where to start, but I just know in my soul that I want to do something great- only because of the wounds that I have overcome do I believe that I am capable of something great in the first place, and perhaps that has been their purpose all along.

The trials you face are not before you to make you strong enough to encounter and endure the next, but, instead to teach you what you’re made of, to show you what you’re capable of so that your next leap of faith in life doesn’t seem as intimidating.

I’m just so ready to do something big, I ready to continue to grow as an individual, I’m ready to make and impact, I am ready to further pursue the person I want to become.

My heart is calling, I can feel the purpose rushing through my veins with aggression, vision narrowing, distractions fading away, and relentless passion pulling me by my hair in the direction I must go.

In Christ,




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