God’s Abundant Presence- The Evidence

There is a spiritual reality that I have found is often ignored by the day to day Christian, a truth that is neglected, or, perhaps even forgotten in the midst of a disciple’s earthly life: God is abundantly present every, single, moment of our lives. He is far closer than we know, he is within and all around us.

Perhaps you are one who prefers evidence to accept anything as truth, and fortunately for you, that’s what I’m here to discuss today: the evidence of God’s mighty right hand working in your life, and the lives around you. I want whoever is reading this to take a moment, close your eyes and ask yourself, truly, how close do you believe God is to you in this very moment of your life? Think about it. When you answer that question for yourself, regardless of the distance you believe to be between you and him, you must first acknowledge that he is still present nonetheless. Now follow that question up with a second: how frequently are you aware of his presence? If you’re anything like me, then your answer was likely, “not very frequently”- which is okay, and is the best starting point for growing into a constant spiritual awareness of God’s presence.

Now let’s talk about the distance between God and yourself.

Brief side note: Before I even dive into this, we all must make it a priority to constantly re-orient ourselves every time we begin digging into God’s word. It is living and breathing, it is a medium for God to communicate with you, and, it is the purest form of truth that exists. You must remind yourself these things; the scripture I am about to go through is not a metaphor, it is truth. Every, stinkin’ word in the Bible is truth. So read it with that in mind.

My favorite verse in the bible is Galations 2:20- “Therefore it is no longer I who lives, but instead, Christ through me.”

So, we, as believers, must understand that it is truly Christ who dwells within us, wrestling with our fleshly desires- that is how close he is. Man alone, as flesh, is incapable of anything righteous; we as humans alone, without the spirit can do NO good on our own- that therefore means, that anything good we do is not in fact us, but instead GOD THROUGH US. This is so that we do not boast or become prideful in ourselves, so that God is glorified through us.

All of these holy gifts have nothing to do with us, or anything we’ve done, no matter how awful or incredible- but they instead have everything to do with WHO GOD IS. The gift of the Holy Spirit, to unworthy sinners like ourselves, paints more dramatically, and profoundly a picture of how infinitely good God is, and how great and unfathomable his love is for us. This is why humility is such an important characteristic to strive for in your relationship with God. The human longs to be prideful, to boast in it’s accomplishments and all temporal things, but when we humble ourselves, and begin to understand that anything good we do is not us but instead God through us, we Exalt God.

Paul continues in the letter to the Galatians (2:21)

“I do not nullify the grace of God, for if righteousness could be obtained through the law, then Christ died for nothing.”

Though we were once bound to the law, sin increased because through the law, one relied on the workings of their own hands to be crowned righteous and inherit the kingdom- through the law the human was exalted, not God. Now, we are bound to Christ, BY GRACE THROUGH FAITH- God is exalted, and the human is humbled. This, again, paints the picture of who God is- when we are justified in Faith through Jesus Christ, we are humbled because again, it is not by the workings of our own hands that we should be crowned holy, but by the grace of God- by his gift, by who HE IS, not by us.

Another side note: I’m sorry if I’m sounding a little redundant, but, it is just something that moves me so deeply, and it is my prayer that you should experience the same peace in your pursuit of God’s presence.

Wrapping up here:

Romans 7:18

“For I know that good itself does not dwell in me, that is, in my sinful nature. For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out.”

We must therefore conclude, that ANYTHING good we do is not us, but instead God through us. This applies to all of God’s children, so when you witness something good, you can clearly recognize Christ acting within that particular person. This has been truly transformative for me, and has allowed me to begin to search for Christ in every soul I come in contact with.

So think about it, when you handed that homeless person that $10.00 bill, or when you went above and beyond in your work life to help someone in need, when you tell a family member, or a friend that you love them… all of it, is not you, but God through you. He is abundantly present in everything that you do in your life, and in the lives of those around who believe in His Son. He is working through all of us, he is everywhere, and everything.

Let us all make a pact moving forward to make more of an effort to remain aware of God’s presence in our lives. If you’re ever growing weary, or hurt, run to him, who is already waiting with his arms open. The power you possess in Christ is unsearchable, dig into his word, cling to His promises, and watch your life take root. God bless each, and every one of your searching hearts.

In Christ,


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