The Mystery of the Will of God vs. Human Free Will- Part 2

Okay, diving back into this topic. Please excuse the sporadic thinking, this is not an eloquent piece, but I believe it’s purpose and content far exceeds the need for eloquence. Just a brief recap: the other day I discussed the reality of human free will with divine support and guidance from God. We learned that God’s Will, will be done regardless of the chosen path. Continue reading “The Mystery of the Will of God vs. Human Free Will- Part 2”

The Mystery of God’s Will vs. Human Free Will

I’m going to preface this post because of its density. I have asked the Lord to reveal to me the depths of such an incomprehensible topic- the seemingly counter-intuitive concept of human free will existing simultaneously with the inevitability of God’s Will. So, in all fairness, I will do my best to portray to you the beauty of what revelation I was provided with through prayer, and pursuit of the Word as well as other resources. Continue reading “The Mystery of God’s Will vs. Human Free Will”

Some Valentine’s Day Perspective for Singles

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a single person whine about how much they hate Valentine’s day I would be a very wealthy woman. Most of my adult life, I have heard nothing but single people bashing the holiday, barking vain comments about couples, and self-depreciating comments about themselves. I’m here to give these singles a little perspective today. Now, this may appear a little redundant for those of you who read my post about being single a few weeks ago, but I promise, my angle this time is to provide perspective, not insight. Continue reading “Some Valentine’s Day Perspective for Singles”

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